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What is Search-IDEALZ4U ?

At Search-IDEALZ4U, we enable you to feature prominently in the autocomplete suggestions of Google, YouTube, and Bing. Your business gains prime visibility, allowing customers to discover you ahead of your competitors. For a significant edge in your industry, identify and dominate the best keyword phrases with Search-IDEALZ4U.


Google reports that approximately 71% of searches utilize auto-complete.

That's precisely where your presence will be felt.

  • SmarterSkin Detmatology
  • SkinPro Innovation
  • SokoLove Law
  • All Star
  • SuperDry
  • VanYork Auto Group
  • Western Nissan
  • White Law Firm, PLC
  • Winter & Yonker The Aggresive Attorneys
  • Zeigler
  • Work Front
  • Cannon & Dunphy S.C.
  • Continental Motrs Group
  • California Wine Club
  • Efficient Systems Heating & Cooling
  • David Eshom
  • Jack Demmer Ford
  • The Doan Law Firm PLLC
  • The Colwell Law Group, LLC
  • Russel & Smith Mazda
  • The Jewelry Exchange Factory Direct
  • Bug Guys Pest Control
  • Dwane Cates Law Group, PLLC
  • Eden Medical Spa & Boutique
  • Energy Logic
  • Expedia
  • EZ Dental
  • Forever MedSpa & Wellness Center
  • Joe Gambino's Gateway
  • Geman Criminal Defense
  • Josef Hadeed MD
  • Handy & Handy Attorneys At Law
  • Helbing Law Group
  • C&C Myers Heating, AC, Plumbing & Drains
  • iGlow Med Spa
  • Hotels
  • Infiniti of Orland Park
  • Inver Group Toyota
  • Copley Dental
  • Danziger & De Llano, LLP
  • Termite and Pest Control
  • Lunde's Peoria Volkswagen
  • Lunde WV
  • Moura Robertson Family Law
  • Napa Auto Parts
  • Discreet Plastic Surgery
  • Ora
  • Orbitz
  • Phillips Toyota
  • Playtika
  • Precision Armory
  • Premiere Capital Mortgage
  • Prime Heart and Vascular
  • Pure Medical Aesthetics
  • Rainier Laser Aesthetics Center
  • Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery
  • Russ Darrow Automotive Group
  • Russell & Smith
  • Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning
  • Shah Aesthetic Surgery
  • Service Master
  • Sharp
  • Sheftall & Associates
  • Silverton
  • Skin Deep Laser MD

We are capable of producing results for you.

Thinking outside the box.

Businesses spend a lot of money on Pay-Per-Click and SEO strategies. People who use Google, You-Tube, and Bing will see you first because we put you in the auto-complete list.

The Elements of Success

When people use "auto-complete," you will be the only business that comes up. And if they pick your business from the auto-complete, they'll skip over your competitors, giving you the whole first page.

Take a look at the video for more insights.

Efficient Cost

You can reduce the cost of spend-intensive pay-per-click campaigns and SEO. Full ownership of the first page of search results will be yours.

Competitive Advantage

When an individual enters the keyword phrase that you specify, your website will appear before any of your competitors.

The State of Exclusivity

You will have an exclusive listing for the specified keyword phrase on your website. We will never resell a particular keyword phrase.

  • Google search on keyword phrase “dui lawyer los angeles recommended jon artz”
  • Google search on keyword phrase “termite control atlanta terminix”

Act quickly, since once a keyword phrase is chosen by your competitor, it is gone.

  • Choose the best keyword phrases that your consumers use to locate you.

  • Every time someone searches for the keyword phrase on Google, YouTube, or Bing, they will see you.

  • Save money on your pay-per-click campaign by allowing clients to find you directly.

  • Increase your online authority by having clients search for you by name.

  • Quick process. Our Autocomplete-Optimization service can help you gain new consumers in 45 days or less.

Gain more customers. Effective and inexpensive.

Be visible to your target audience during every search.

None of your customers will have access to this exclusive marketing platform. Establish your company as the initial point of contact for customers seeking your product or service.

  • Acquire fresh clients and circumvent your competitors.

  • Be visible to each and every customer who searches for you on Google, YouTube, and Bing.

  • Budget-friendly programs to accommodate your financial constraints.

  • Support and monthly reporting.

  • Displays appear on all mobile devices and computer platforms.

On the first page of the search results

We work to make the entire first page of search results show only your company.  Exclusive exposure!

Unique Technology

Our technology gives you the competitive advantage, and no one else offers this technology like we do.

Simple Process

The process is easy.  Choose the keywords phrases that bring you customers, and we take care of the rest.

Works globally

You may only be interested in customers in your city, but anyone who types in your keyword phrase will see you anywhere in the world.

Mobile Device Ready

Our technology is compatible with all mobile devices, allowing your customers to access it from any computer, tablet, or phone.

Cost Effective

We make it affordable to get a competitive edge over your competition.

Getting started is easy.

We make this program simple & affordable so everyone can use this technology and obtain more customers.  We will never sell your keyword phrase to anyone else.  If you buy a keyword phrase - it's yours.  Your competition will never be able to get that keyword phrase.

Still not convinced?

Question: Do I have to keep paying while we wait for our business to show up in auto-complete? 

Answer:  No.  After you make your initial payment, you will not make another payment until one of your keywords is in auto-complete.

Question: Will I show up on mobile searches?

Answer:  Yes.  You will show up on any device in Google, YouTube and Bing.

Question: How long does it take for our company to show up in auto-complete?

Answer:  You typically start seeing your company in Bing within 45-60 days and YouTube, and you will start seeing your company in Google within 100-180 days.

Local and national

We have marketing programs for local and national companies.

Local Marketing Program

If you are a local company ready to put yourself in front or your competition, we can help you with our local Autocomplete-Optimization program.  Get yourself in front of the people looking for your specific areas of practice, at the moment they are searching.  Let us help you implement a program to capture the best keyword phrases that your customers use to find your local business.

National Marketing Program

If you are a company with offices nationwide, or who sells your services to potential clients on a national level, we can help put you in front of thousands of potential customers every month with our national Autocomplete-Optimization marketing program.  Let us custom design a marketing program with you, to drive in new business.

We can get you results.

Exclusive Support

We will keep you updated with reports on the progress of your campaign.  Each time a keyword shows up in Google, YouTube or Bing, you will be notified so you can prepare for new customers.

Simple Process

We make it simple for you.  Just let us know which keyword phrases people use the most to find you online, and we will put your company in front of all those customers.

What They Say

Quotation Icon Mark Vector

We saw the results.  When our customers search for adoption services in Canada, our name shows in the auto-suggest, and customers are using this to find us.  The Autocomplete-Optimization program works great.

- Mr. Brown
Canada Adoption

Quotation Icon Mark Vector

We opted to get as many keyword phrases as possible so we could own the search market.  We are extremely happy.  They deliver the results they promise.

- Mr. Jesse
Dallas Mortgages

Get started today and own the keyword phrases where customers find you the most.

Get started today and own the keyword phrases where customers find you the most.